Ivorian Ministry of Sports

Winwin Afrique has received a mandate from the Ivorian Ministry of Sports, within the framework of the support program for the promotion of mass sports and sports for all (PAPMAS), to build 91 proximity stadiums (AGORAS).
The Ministry of Sports is the beneficiary of the infrastructure designed, developed and operated by WWA.

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Ivorian Ministry for the promotion of SMEs

Together with the Ministry of Sports of the Ivory Coast, the Ministry for the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) has entrusted Winwin Afrique with the task of creating and organizing the economic and social sector of sports in the Ivory Coast.

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French Ministry of Sports

The French Ministry of Sport is part of the FASEP and PDT committees and supports Winwin Afrique in the creation of the economic and social sector of Sport in Ivory Coast. Furthermore, the Ministry of Sport has asked Winwin Afrique to preside over the Club Sport France in West Africa.

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French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is part of the FASEP and PDT committees to evaluate and validate the relevance of the AGORA program with the foreign policy of France.

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French Ministry of Ecological Transition

Serves on the FASEP and PDT committees to evaluate the environmental impacts of the AGORA program.

Website: https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr


French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery

Website: https://www.economie.gouv.fr

French Treasury

The General Directorate of the Treasury financed the demonstrator of Koumassi with the FASEP fund and the 10 additional AGORA with a loan from the Treasury.

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Ivorian National Sports Office

The National Public Establishment, in charge of the development and maintenance of the Ivorian sports infrastructures, works with Winwin Afrique to build the AGORAS whose exploitation is conceded to Winwin Afrique (through its Ivorian subsidiary) in the form of a Public Service Delegation.


Yunus Funds

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MEDEF International

MEDEF International, a historical partner, accompanies Winwin Afrique in its development by encouraging targeted meetings thanks to its business trips and platforms bringing together all the actors who count internationally and in Africa.

Website: https://www.medefinternational.fr

Up 40

WWA is one of the 40 best French startups present in Africa

Website : https://www.medefinternational.fr

International Organization for Francophonie (OIF)

La Francophonie is the historical partner that allowed the launch of Winwin Afrique following the Jeux de la Francophonie.

Website : https://www.francophonie.org


Business France

Business France, thanks to its tools (VIE), its conferences (RIGES), its business trips, its support (VIE voucher) and its local anchorage, facilitates the international development of Winwin Africa. 4 VIEs have worked for WWA and 4 are currently in the field in Abidjan.

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