After the 5th edition of the Tournoi des Natifs (TDN) which took place on January 30 at the AGORA of Koumassi for the first time, the TDN repeated this event on April 10, 2021 following the signing of a partnership between the AGORA and the TDN teams.

Coming from all the communes of Abidjan and elsewhere, thousands of people, all generations and sharing the same months of anniversary met in the AGORA to celebrate this sporting competition. The tournament was animated by different sports activities: Maracana, Basketball, Handball, Marathon, Virtual Boxing and “Petanque” followed one another in a hectic rhythm.

The day ended with a giant zouglou concert (an Ivorian musical genre) attended by nearly 15,000 people.

This tournament also benefited from the support of Brassivoire, an Ivorian brewery company that has sponsored the event since its creation.

This large-scale competition is a vector of success for the economic model of the AGORA project; it also increases the visibility of the site among the inhabitants of Koumassi and more widely of Abidjan. A contract for the next 6 editions is currently under discussion.